Wahclella Falls Hike – Hidden Gem in Oregon

wahclella falls hike in oregon.

Wahclella Falls Hike in Oregon

Are you planning to be in Portland, Oregon and have a day to explore? It is worthwhile to make a trip to the Columbia River Gorge, with the Wahclella falls hike on your list of things to do. If you’ve already done some intense backpacking, then the trail to Wachlella falls will be a walk in the park.
This hiking trail is located on the Columbia River Gorge and is further east. The Wahclella Falls trail is a mere 1.9 miles round trip out and back type of hike. The parking area can hold around 6-8 cars, which means you’ll have to either wait or park somewhere further. The Wahclella Falls hike is very easy to do and can be done year round. It is rated to be very crowded but when I went, there was only 3 other couples around the area.

one of the bridges on the wahclella falls hike

From the Wahclella Falls Trailhead, you’ll be hiking and walking along the Tanner Creek, which will lead you to a bridge that will cross over Munra Falls. There’s no cliffs but there are some areas with steep drop-offs on the hike to Wahclella Falls. You’ll be climbing some flights of stairs and will reach a fork on the Wahclella Falls trail.

wahclella falls hike in Oregon along the columbia river gorge

There will be two bridges on the Wahclella Falls trail to give you excellent views of the beautiful Wahclella Falls. You’ll have the option to ascend or descend on this trail, giving you different perspectives of Wahclella Falls. If you choose to descend, you’ll end up at the base of Wahclella Falls. During most seasons, you’ll be able to feel the mists coming from the powerful 350 foot plunge of water from Wahclella Falls.

Items used on this hike:

Camera: Sony A7Rii

Lens: Sony FE 16-35mm F4 OSS

Tripod: Sirui Carbon Fiber Tripod

Bag: Granite Gear

Jacket: Craghoppers Rain Jacket

Pants: Columbia Convertible Pants

Boots: Danner boots


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