VISUAL REPORT: Sony A9 Announcement – Lightning Fast Full Frame

Sony A9 – A Big Move by Sony

For all you camera lovers and professional photographers out there, I know you’ve probably been anticipating this news for a while now. Yes, it is finally here and is set to be released soon with some exciting and cool features. Sony has unveiled its most advanced and fast full-frame, the A9 mirrorless camera. I’ve curated all images of the Sony A9 so you can see here.

What’s being anticipated?

The camera would be able to compete against the best DSLR’s available in the market today and would convincingly challenge both Nikon and Canon. The camera will also incorporate much more advanced technology than the Nikon D5 and Canon 1dx Mark II and make the current product line of high-end DSLR’s look like tortoises with its rabbit fast processing time.

The Specs and Features – At a Glance

  • The Sony A9 has a Magnesium Alloy body and weighs around 673 grams. There have been some significant additions to the controls. An autofocus joystick has been added to the left of the thumb rest. The record video button is present at a much more conveniently accessible place now. Dual SD memory card slots have also been added along with two new controls for toggling between focusing mode and drive mode.
  • A 35mm full-frame stacked 24.2 megapixels Exmor RS CMOS sensor. This doubles the data speed processing on this device compared to what Sony has previously achieved on any full-frame camera.
  • An unbelievable continuous shooting ability at 20 frames per second up to 362 consecutive JPEGs (or 241 RAWs). It’s a blackout-free device, and you will never lose sight of the object. This feature would be of great use for wildlife photographers, sports photographers, and other such enthusiasts.
  • With a threshold shutter speed of 1/32,000 sec and 693 phase detect AF points, the camera is capable of covering nearly 93 percent of a frame. Sony also claims an AF/AE calculation of 60 times per second. The A9 also comes with a focus joystick to better pinpoint your target.
  • With approximately 3,686K dots, the camera boasts of the sharpest electronic viewfinder known as the Quad-VGA OLED Tru-Finder. The brightness level is almost equivalent to the actual frame being shot for the ultimate natural shooting experience. The frame rate is customizable and can be set at 60fps or 120fps for the best match.
  • The camera needed to be powered adequately in order to function for longer duration without any interruption. The battery life has continuously been a cause of concern for Sony, but with A9 they have definitely silenced the critics. The battery provides 2.2X the capacity of any full-frame cameras previously manufactured by Sony. It can silently work without any vibrations.
  • The Sony A9 also betters the 4K video recording capability previously achieved by using the full pixel readout of the entire sensor.

The Price

Priced at a wallet draining $4,499, but definitely worth the price tag if you’re all about speed.

When can you grab the Sony A9?

May 25th in the United States

The Early Verdict

Sony has played a masterstroke by introducing one of the most impressive cameras ever built. Though the target customer base would mostly be sports, wildlife, and other journalistic photographers, still this device is sure to capture the imagination of the entire professional shooter community.

The Sony A9 is one of the fastest full-frame cameras available and definitely worth the high price tag for photographers with fast moving subjects.

Pre orders are available now and stay tuned for updates, specific details and the overall test performance.

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