The World of Macro Photography!


The human eye is probably one of the most sophisticated and delicate optic on this earth. Along with the brain, the eye can see colors and depth that most regular camera lens cannot see. In addition, the censor in a camera body still is not as accurate as the eye and brain in portraying colors. In all these senses, it seems that the human eye has the upper hand. But, with a macro lens, the camera turns into something very versatile with the ability to show small details, similar to a microscope. I am very fortunate to have this kind of lens. The canon 100mm F2.8L IS Macro is one heck of a lens. It can be used for portraiture in low light with the assistance of the IS system and low aperture. But the real reason why I purchased this lens is to be able to show the details of small objects, like wedding rings, jewelry, or decorations. When I first got this lens, I was having quite a bit of an adventure in the back of my garden, hunting down insects and weird looking things. With this blog entry, I want to show you guys the amazing detail that this lens is capable of. I’ve included some sample shots I’ve taken with my 60D and my 5D mkII. Also included is an explanation of how I took the picture of the lens itself in a studio-like setting. Keep in mind that all these pictures of the macro lens itself was taken with my 60D and 24-70mm F2.8L.

The first picture is to show you guys how I set up the shot for the lens. In this set up, I am using 3 flashes, wirelessly triggered with pocket wizard plus III’s. One flash is gridded with a 1/4 and 1/8, which is being used as the backlight located at the top of the picture. The second flash is being diffused with a picture frame that has a plain white paper inserted in it. This flash is the one on the left side. The third flash on the bottom of the picture is not wirelessly triggered. The reason for that is because I mainly used that flash on slave so the red beam is shining on the lens body. This helps the camera lock focus on the lens body in a dark room.


I shot a few frames to adjust the exposure of the flashes. A few frames were captured and I wasn’t really flattered with the picture, since the backlight wasn’t really expressed. I took a couple minutes to brainstorm on what I could do to make the backlight have more of an effect in the picture.


Things like smoke, fog, and patterns came to mind. Smoke would have been cool but I don’t smoke and I don’t have insense either. Also I don’t have a fog machine so those two were out. Patterns would have been cool but was a bit lazy to go and find a veil of some sort. In some of the frames, I saw some hair, so I thought, what about dust?! It actually worked pretty well I think. All I did was just run my hand across the carpet and I was able to capture some sweet effects with the backlight. Yes I know I have to vacuum that carpet.



Below are some sample shots taken with this macro lens. Hope you guys enjoy them!

IMG_8579 IMG_8586 IMG_8950 IMG_3711 IMG_8002 IMG_8005 IMG_8014 IMG_8083