10 Los Angeles Donuts to Try on National Donut Day

Donut Friend is one of the many savory choices for Los Angeles donuts

Oh I’m well aware that everyday is ‘some food day,’ and I don’t care. Craft donuts have hit the Los Angeles desserts scene in a very big way, and nothing is coming between me and my nutella banana cronut. What are you picking up this Friday?

Yes, June 3rd is the real and very official National Donut Day, which means it’s time to hit some Los Angeles donuts around the city. Of which there are plenty. From California Donuts in Koreatown, to The Donut Man in Glendora, LA has definitely got you covered (yeah, Glendora’s not really LA, but c’mon, it’s The Donut Man). Grab your favorite craft soda / coffee / beer pairing, and get fatty with us!

The Berry Best, from Donut Snob

Cinnamon glazed and topped with fresh raspberries, blueberries, blackberries. This is a Los Angeles donut that actually tastes as good as it looks–and it looks good enough to be framed on your wall.

Los Angeles donuts like the Berry Best are known for presentation and taste

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Salted Caramel Donut, from Donut Snob

While more plain-looking than our other Donut Snob pick, it is undoubtedly a crowd favorite. Their salted caramel donut is the best example of what a ‘salty sweet’ dessert can be.

Los Angeles donuts can knock out with simple combos like salted caramel

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The Lemon Weapon, from Donut Friend

Blueberry compote, lemon glaze, topped with fresh mint. The tang of the lemon glaze complements the sweetness of the donut like you wouldn’t believe.

A Lemon Weapon donut from Donut Friend in Highland Park

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S’Morrisey, from Donut Friend

Yep, Donut Friend is the Los Angeles donuts shop where everything’s named after an alt-rock band. But more to love than the theme is the flavor chops. This is the greatest iteration of the s’more donut, period. A chocolate cake donut, glazed with additional chocolate, topped with toasted marshmallow and graham cracker.

The S'Morrisey Donut from donut friend, a Los Angeles donuts treasure

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Matcha Green Tea Donut, from California Donuts

A warm, fluffy donut coated in a perfectly sweet, very matcha-aromatic chocolate glaze. Remember, this is a 24/7 joint (thank god this place is in the Los Angeles donuts scene), ready to serve late into the night.

For Los Angeles donuts, matcha green tea is a lighter, aromatic flavor

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Chocolate Pretzel Cronuts from California Donuts

This one is really a placeholder for all of California Donuts’ amazing cronuts. This place was on every foodie feed the second cronuts became a craze, and for good reason. This Koreatown spot boasts impressive variations like banana nutella and blueberry cream cheese.

California Donuts' cronuts are a perfect choice for los angeles donuts

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Strawberry Donuts, from The Donut Man

A bun-like donut filled with fresh glazed strawberries. Emphasis on fresh–these have never tasted canned from the times I’ve tried them. It’s a miracle that these don’t get soggy at all. Also, Donut Man is about 40 minutes out of LA, so it’s only polite to ask friends if they want anything while you’re there. The Donut Man Run is a burden we must shoulder together.

Strawberry donuts from The Donut Man are a bit far for Los Angeles donuts, but they're amazing

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Tiger Tails, from The Donut Man

Why is a simple tiger tail on a list of exotic and beautiful donuts? It’s not wildly original. It isn’t crowned with a tiara of fruit. It isn’t filled with some holier-than-thou honeywhiskey extract. It’s here because it’s the best of its kind I’ve ever had. The consistency is a pleasant chewiness that disintegrates into a rich finish that must be tasted.

If you're willing to drive for your Los Angeles donuts, Donut Man is prime

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Blueberry Donut, from SK Donuts and Croissant

Another example of a classic so good, it deserves to hang with its more flashy brethren. SK Donuts’ blueberry donut is basically just a round, blueberry cake with glaze all over it. Even if you’ve had a blueberry donut before, this will be your first time tasting the real thing.

A standard blueberry donut from Los Angeles donuts standard SK

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Apple Pie Cronut, from SK Donuts and Croissant

Rounding out our list is a second cronut entry, SK Donuts’ Apple Pie Cronut. This baby’s sweetness is reined in, which is surprising from the looks of that glaze. Fluffy, moist, fresh, and as compliant as SK’s wonderfully polite staff. A true LA standard.

Apple Pie Cronut from SK Donuts, a jewel amongst Los Angeles donuts

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