Happy National Hammock Day! The 5 Best Hammocks to Help You Hang Out In Style

Lounging by the lake in a blue hammock. @christopherkhoitran

Ohhhhhh, yes. Arguably one of the comfiest occasions of the year, National Hammock Day has got us all fiending for some good ol’ R&R beneath some shady leaves. To help you take advantage of this day to the fullest, we’ve curated some of the coolest hammocks, perfect for lounging with your loved ones.


1) The simple hammock.

This simple hammock is a perfect beginner's option for your National Hammock Day.

First, we gotta start you off with the basics! This one is perfect for the hammock beginner. It’s super affordable at just under $19 bucks, and will surely pave your way to becoming a hammock aficionado.



2) The crocheted hammock.

This crochet hammock is perfect for glamping adventures with girlfriends or just casual backyard lounging. (c) CleoBella

This little crocheted number will have you laying in a lap of luxury. This hammock features a full crochet body with gorgeous frills and yarn work hanging off the edges for a bohemian vibe.


3) The hammock cocoon.

A hammock cocoon, perfect for a little more privacy during your summer adventures. (c) HammockTown


How amazing is this little teepee? This little hammock cocoon puts a whole new spin on hanging out. The built-in ceiling will give you a little more privacy, great if you’re trying to get some summer cuddles in. It’s big enough to fit a small family, and is perfect for warmer days when you may need to create your own shade. 


4) The hammock hot tub.

A hammock hot tub fusion? Count us in! (c) HydroHammock


Have your hammock go double-duty! This one transforms from just a hanging bed to a hot tub too! You can fill it up with either cold or warm water, and have a National Hammock Day experience unlike any other.


5) The hammock hover-craft.

A hammock hovercraft. Hammocraft. AMAZING. Float lazily on your lake trip this summer with this crazy contraption. (c) Hammocraft

Wait. Is this an actual thing? That you can buy? What better way to celebrate hammock day than lounging around on a lazy lake in a floating hammock. This contraption fits up to four people. Are we in 3017?


No matter which one you choose, National Hammock Day is an impeccable excuse to take the day off and head outside with your friends and family to enjoy all that summer has to offer.

How are you celebrating? We’d love to know!

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