VISUAL REPORT: Sony A9 Announcement – Lightning Fast Full Frame

Sony A9 – A Big Move by Sony For all you camera lovers and professional photographers out there, I know you’ve probably been anticipating this news for a while now. Yes, it is finally here and is set to be released soon with some exciting and cool features. Sony has unveiled its most advanced and fast full-frame, the A9 mirrorless
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hiking to toketee falls in oregon is heaven on earth

Hike to Toketee Falls – Heaven on Earth

Hike to Toketee Falls in Oregon. The state of Oregon is blessed with some amazing hiking trails. There is always something to discover in Oregon.  For example, you have the incredibly beautiful Wahclella Falls along the Columbia River Gorge. One of the most beautiful areas in Oregon is Douglas County. It is in this county that you
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wahclella falls hike in oregon.

Wahclella Falls Hike – Hidden Gem in Oregon

Wahclella Falls Hike in Oregon Are you planning to be in Portland, Oregon and have a day to explore? It is worthwhile to make a trip to the Columbia River Gorge, with the Wahclella falls hike on your list of things to do. If you’ve already done some intense backpacking, then the trail to Wachlella falls
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two attendee together release lantern at rise festival

Rise Festival – Thousand Lanterns In the Desert Sky

Rise Festival in the Mojave desert Every year, thousands of people gather together to celebrate something different. Rise Festival celebrates in the Mojave desert, more specifically at the Moapa River Indian Reservation. This event is held at night where thousands of lanterns are ignited and light up the desert sky. There are several Rise festival
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9 Unbeatable Pokemon GO Portable Chargers

Braven's charger is one of the most insanely durable on our list of Pokemon GO portable chargers

Suddenly, everyone’s packing a portable charger, and it’s no mystery why: Pokemon GO! has arrived, to drain phone and tablet batteries worldwide. The insane popularity of the fledgling augmented-reality game means you don’t want to be left by a wall outlet while everyone else is slinging Pokeballs. So, here are 9 unbeatable Pokemon GO! portable chargers to consider for iPhones, Androids, and all-purpose occasions. […]

gold wild flowers during the death valley super bloom

Death Valley Super Bloom: What It Really Looks Like!

Among California park rangers and desert-hiking explorers, the Death Valley super bloom is a near-mythical event. The wildflower bloom occurs only under very specific conditions, with the last one seen in 2005. However, does the natural display live up to the incredible hype?  […]

Top 20 Photographers You Should Be Studying Right Now

What’s lacking in many lists of all-time photography greats is an eclecticism of styles and strengths, periods and characters. Here is a sampling of twenty photographers whose works have stretched the medium as we know it, in twenty different directions, be they commercial, artistic, or ideological. We sought to include the canonical alongside the rising to give you the greatest breadth possible in your search for inspirational figures, and to instill appreciation for the infinite facets of a timeless art.