sunset view backpacking to reflection canyon guide @christopherkhoitran

Backpacking to Reflection Canyon – Comprehensive Guide

Backpacking to Reflection Canyon Overview Reflection canyon is basically an extension of the Lake Powell. Backpacking to reflection canyon is a highly challenging venture of about 20 miles, and this intense hiking has become increasingly popular of late. This location was revealed in the year 2006 by the National Geographic Channel when they published an article
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Backpacking Equipment – Beginner Must Haves

  Backpacking Equipment If I had to go through the purchase process again to prepare for a couple night out in the back country, the items below are the several items I’d buy to get started. It will make your backpacking trip much more comfortable while not making a dent into your bank account. After doing some
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essential backpacking and camping items to stay comfortable

Essential Items for Backpacking and Camping

Backpacking and camping – What items to bring. What you bring with you while backpacking and camping will either make or break your experience. The goal here to be as comfortable as possible with just the essentials. That doesn’t mean you can’t bring a couple luxury items. A couple of luxury items I cannot leave without
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alpine backpacking will test your limits and teach you important life lessons

Alpine Backpacking at Big Pine: 5 Reasons to Go

The Big Pine Lakes are some of the most pristine, alpine backpacking spots in California. It’s also quite a trial to traverse, but this is a challenge that’ll expand you, mind, body, and spirit. So if you’re trying to take your outdoor game to the next level, here are five reasons to consider backpacking across
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Utah landscapes are among the best in the world

15 Amazing Images That Showcase Utah Landscapes

When it comes to natural beauty, Utah landscapes frequently top any list of American landmarks. From subterranean caves, to red-gold canyons, to monumental stone formations, no nature explorer worth their stones can afford to miss these indescribable Utah landmarks.  […]

Bucket List: Backpacking Mount Whitney

This backpacking Mount Whitney adventure is the epitome of spontaneity. Moreover, this trip has tested my limits and strengthened my will power and appreciation for Mother Nature. I want to share with you my experience on this trip so that it may inspire and guide you to the same rewarding experience I’ve had.  […]