7 Best Pokemon GO Hangout Spots in LA

Mankeys and murals at one of our favorite Pokemon GO hangouts

What’s fantastic about Pokemon GO isn’t just the fantasy of catching Pokemon, but also the incentive to explore your community. So, the perfect Pokemon GO spot shouldn’t only have rare Pokemon–it should be a relaxing/exotic/strange place to just be in! Here’s a list of our favorite Pokemon GO hangout spots in LA. Get exploring!

9 Unbeatable Pokemon GO Portable Chargers

Braven's charger is one of the most insanely durable on our list of Pokemon GO portable chargers

Suddenly, everyone’s packing a portable charger, and it’s no mystery why: Pokemon GO! has arrived, to drain phone and tablet batteries worldwide. The insane popularity of the fledgling augmented-reality game means you don’t want to be left by a wall outlet while everyone else is slinging Pokeballs. So, here are 9 unbeatable Pokemon GO! portable chargers to consider for iPhones, Androids, and all-purpose occasions. […]

The Museum of Broken Relationships LA Puts Heartbreak Under Glass

Fake wearable breasts at the Museum of Broken Relationships LA

The Museum of Broken Relationships LA has finally arrived. First opened in Croatia, the U.S. branch brings a starkly human touch to Los Angeles and delivers everything it promises: a display of human affection and disaffectation, spoken through the memorabilia of broken relationships. […]

Second ‘Petal Drop LA’ Transforms Factory in Floral Paradise

The clerk takes a smoking break at Petal Drop LA

The second Petal Drop LA was a low-key public art installation featuring a downtown Los Angeles industrial building and street, festooned with purple flowers. It was a surreal collision of the natural and the industrial, art and commerce. And it was exactly what inner-city Angelenos needed on a sleepy Sunday morning.


The Witchcraft and Psych-Erotic Feminism of ‘Belladonna of Sadness’

Jean and Jeanne, protagonists of Belladonna of Sadness

via hollywoodreporter.com

Belladonna of Sadness is a 70s Japanese adult animation gem formerly forgotten, but recently restored for current limited release; the film combines psychedelic and erotic imagery in a boldly experimental re-imagining of the idea of the ‘witch’.  […]

Craft Soda: Galco’s Soda Pop Stop is a Fizzy Valhalla

Vintage sodas like Bubble Up share shelfspace with craft soda

If I were to move away from Los Angeles forever, abandon its surreal night life and oddball attractions, I’d have to take a slice of its culinary delights with me. I’d have a hell of a time choosing, but somewhere on that list would be a little local gem called Galco’s Soda Pop Stop. This unassuming brown building in Highland Park boasts 700 flavors of craft soda, and as an avid customer, I can tell you that’s a conservative estimate.


Don’t Forget: The First Earth Day Was A Protest, A Revolution

Gas masks were a popular protest prop during the first Earth Day

Today, Earth Day is a relatively innocuous phrase–it inspires, what? A park cleanup, a few speeches here and there, and maybe a hiking event complete with birdwatching and smores. We’ve completely forgotten the militancy of the first Earth Day, and how it was one of the most forceful expressions of democratic voice this country has ever seen.  […]